finding a new balance

During pregnancy your body changes due to the production of hormones and the growth of your baby. This can affect you both physically and mentally. Pregnancy yoga can help you to find a new balance and become more mindful of your body and the needs of your growing baby.

Pregnancy yoga will help to keep your joints supple, whilst developing muscle strength to improve your posture and endurance. Being conscious of how your body experiences tension and relaxation, also plays an important role in the lessons.

You will also learn breathing techniques that will not only help you to trust your body and feelings, but to increase your ability to relax and cope during the labor and birth.

Your (birthing) partner is welcome to join every 6th lesson. This will give your birthing partner the opportunity to receive practical information about the birth, so they are better prepared to support you.

Following the birth of your baby, we invite you to return for postnatal yoga, a series of lessons where we work to get your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles back into shape. Your new baby is most welcome too!

Some health insurers will allow you to claim for the cost of the lessons but please enquire with your insurance company directly.

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