“We are so happy that Margaret recommended us to your course because it’s private, very informative and very helpful to us.
Putri & John”

“Wouter and I were really lucky to have a spot for the birth preparation course by Guillette, especially during these extraordinary times.
Guillette offered a very supportive and calming environment to go through the important topics about getting prepared for welcoming our baby to this world. She also took time to get to know us individually and provided advice that was helpful and self-empowering. For first-time expectant parents, this was exactly what we needed. Thank you so much again Guillette!
Wouter and Grace”

Me and my partner took Guillette’s course during Covid-19 quarantine. We had to do it online, but even online Guillette managed to create very warm and comfort atmosphere.  
I am Russian and in Russia giving birth is a very medical procedure. It is very different from the Dutch way. 
That’s why I was a little bit nervous, but Guillette took all my fears and prejudices away. Now I feel like I understand the whole process and I know what to do. And the most important —  I feel safe and confident about the birth even if it’ll happen at home.
Dina and Nikolai   

Thank you very much for the yoga lessons and refresher course. I am sure that has contributed to a smooth delivery!

Dear Guillette,
Thank you very much for the guidelines and for the very useful course. Bart and I enjoyed it a lot. We now feel a lot more secure about the upcoming delivery. Now I can say that I am more curious than scared. And we will definitely use the precious techniques you taught us.
Bart and Tatiana

“Thank you for the materials and thank you again for the wonderful course. Both myself and Christophe have thoroughly enjoyed it and feel more confident about the upcoming birth of our baby!
Have a nice rest of the summer”

“We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to you for the good and informative course that we enjoyed a lot as well.  We liked that it was also focused on the partners as well, the video that shows what the partner can do and how to react to the situation was very good.” Wafa

“Thanks for all your advice!”

“The idea that I could move around: I did that a lot: used the skippy ball, and danced with Erik, sang too! The staff liked that. Also I learned from you that I could negotiate with the staff: otherwise I would not have been so determined. The staff were really nice by the way and the facilities great. So thanks again, just wanted to let you know!” Linor

“About the intensive course with you, it was so useful knowing all the things we discussed! More particularly, we really enjoyed the partner-centered approach. Dads tend to be a bit forgotten when it comes to the birth of a child and it can be equally daunting, so we really appreciated that.

In more practical terms, I found the breathing exercises especially helpful. The back massages were super nice, but I found that during labour, no one could touch my back. Even the warm bath/shower was super uncomfortable.
I also thought that the birth videos were useful. They made us look at birth in a realistic way and I think that helped me go through my own experience without freaking out. I was also very fortunate to have a midwife I could trust and with whom I felt completely comfortable and at ease with, and when the time came for the birth to become medical she was also by our side, but I think that a doula would have been a great asset in a medical circumstance where a midwife wouldn’t have been able to accompany us. I guess this means you might hear from us if we ever decide for Sam to have a little brother or sister 😉Thank you so very much for being a part of our parenting experience.”

“My partner and I took the course in delivery of one afternoon in English. It was a very interactive, informal and informative afternoon which was well managed by Guillette and took place in a pleasant atmosphere with two other couples. There was sufficient focus on ‘theory’ and how things work in practice (including videos), but there was also room for the softer side of feeling, breathing, pressure points/massage and so forth. A very helpful, no nonsense session after which we feel more prepared.”

“Guillette kindly welcomed us in her apartment for a one day delivery course. The atmosphere was very relaxed and calm and time went very fast. She really took the time to ask how we feel about our baby coming soon, and to guide us thoroughly through the process of delivery. We both felt she really enjoys to prepare and advice parents to be in this beautiful journey. When we arrived we were feeling happy but quite anxious about the birth of our boy, indeed we were doubting about having a natural birth. At the end of the course we really felt much more serene and confident that we could go through the delivery, together, calmly and that everything will just be alright. Thus, we really value the time we spent with Guillette and we would really like to thank her for giving us this new beautiful perspectief on the birth of our baby.” Rubina

“I (also) take this opportunity to thank you again (also on behalf of R.) for the enriching ‘refresher course’ we have had from you. It has really helped regain confidence in both the value and feasibility of a natural birth. Although I consider this second birth not a hundred percent natural because we had to be induced – and I obviously do not know how the birth would have been different if the contractions had started spontaneously – I am still very happy because we became much closer.” Natascha

“we both really enjoyed the course on Saturday – I came away feeling much calmer about birth (even looking forward to it, which is not something I had thought possible!) and Pascal was a lot more informed. Although also nervous about what he should be doing. I told him just do whatever I say! Probably the only time he’ll appreciate being bossed around 🙂 All in all, lots of useful information and great tips for recognising what is going to happen and potentially how we will feel. So thank you again and I hope you had a relaxing Easter after all.” Alexandra

“You have made the labour & birth of Philip a beautiful event for us. Your presence really made us feel confident & secure of ourselves and we valued it a lot. It has been really a good decision to make you part of this memorable event.” Yeth and Bert

My doula experience
“After we first met Guillette I became excited at the idea of having someone with us during the birth to help out. The reality was better than I could have imagined, she took care of everything we asked her to and more. She made suggestions for better birthing positions, most of which helped me ease through the process and relax and open up. Her support was invaluable to us and we are forever grateful. If you are thinking about hiring a Doula, this one comes highly recommended!” Rebecca Hoyle

“Guillette – well what can I say – without you at my side I’m not sure I could have made it through the birth. I certainly wouldn’t have had those graphic pictures either – it all seems like such a blur now! Thanks for being there and letting me squeeze your hand for a fair few hours!!” Suzanne